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lithium ion materials

Perfect Lithium has developed patent pending nano technology to boost the performance and drive down the cost of lithium-ion materials that power consumer electronics, electric vehicles and industrial storage batteries.

The technology is an innovative, cost effective and scalable method to synthesize high performance nano-powders. The ground breaking process forms robust nano-structures that boost capacity, cycling and charging at a fraction of the cost of known manufacturing methods.

Perfect Lithium is optimizing the process for known and next generation cathode materials with the goal of doubling energy capacity (kWh/$) and cycling at high rates of charge, using 75% fewer manufacturing steps.

The technology also has tremendous growth potential in the wider nano materials market where there is pent-up demand for cost-effective high performance materials.

The innovations are the genesis of a world-class chemist and patent agent with 30 years of industrial lithium experience, dozens of transformative inventions and a track record of scalable materials and processes.

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